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Carden Digital are a Creative Web Design & Development Agency in Brighton, East Sussex

We are a digital creative agency based in Sussex in a strong skillset in website design. Over the past three years we’ve helped businesses across the UK create compelling, responsive, mobile-optimised websites to increase their online presence. 


We’re comfortable working on a variety of platforms including; WordPress, Magento and Squarespace, our skilled coders can also work with custom website CMS systems if required. 


In addition to website design, we can provide a full branding package which includes written content, logo design, graphics and email signatures to give you a cohesive brand identity. We also have experience with creating successful e-commerce sites, mobile apps and online shops from scratch. 


Explore our range of website design and development services below and learn about how our skills can benefit your business and help it achieve it promote its products and services and achieve its goals.




Every business should have a website, even small local businesses.  


Most customer journeys now begin online, and without an online presence you will be losing out to competitors who have taken the steps to get their products and services in front of potential customers. Even a single landing page with basic information about your company or a price list of your most popular items help act as a digital shop window. 


We work with clients with a variety of budgets and a variety of technical knowledge. So, when developing a website, we aim to be as transparent as possible about both the price and time – always making it clear what we are doing and how it will benefit your website and your company. 


Our website design process begins with an in-depth discussion about your business, it’s USP, your plans for your business in the future and your ideal customer profile. Most importantly, we discuss your goals for the website, such as 

• Are you looking to generate sales directly through it? 
• Are you looking to gather leads to follow up with a phone call or email? 
• Do you want an online brochure or menu to advertise a physical location? 
• Are you a start-up looking to generate interest from investors? 


From here we begin working on a proposal and sketching out some initial designs and work with you until we have a design concept you are happy with before we start development. 


We have several developers working with us who each have a speciality in a different field of web design (e-commerce, landing pages, app design etc.). Our web design and web development services can be charged as a set amount for a project or on an hourly rate. The hourly option is perfect for clients with existing websites that need adjustments or small technical fixes.



Have you ever been using a website that was unresponsive, didn’t work how you expected or crashed while you were trying to complete a checkout? Even the most patient user would give up eventually, and most users aren’t that patient! 


Don’t let technical difficulties stand between you and your customers, we can fix your existing website or build you a better one. 


Whether your website is your online shop or just a landing page. All our website projects are designed to be scalable and work just as well with 10000 visitors as they do with 1. 


When we build e-commerce sites, we always take the customer experience into account as well as the structure of your business and accounts. This ensures that we always build a site with… 


1. A simple checkout procedure that is as easy as possible for the customer. 

2. Responsive, mobile-friendly design for tablets and smartphone users. 

3. Integration with your existing accounts software and stock keeping systems.



Landing page optimization refers to the process of enhancing or improving each element on your landing page to increase conversions.

Our content writers work hand in hand with our keyword researchers, ensuring that all content for your site is tailored to the terms your potential customers are actually searching, while maintaining your brand’s established voice and tone. We always aim to keep content relevant, looking for local, national and international news stories and search trends that intersect with your products and services. 


Whether you need blog posts, articles, FAQ sections, page content or “About Us” pages, our team is here to make sure that your content isn’t just high quality, it’s backed by strategy and research.




We don’t just build great websites; we also host them on our own super-fast hosting platform. With dedicated packages for WordPress sites, Linux hosting. Our platinum package comes with a free SSL certificate included, giving your customers security and peace of mind.

Learn more on our Carden Hosting website.