Connect Grp

Connect Grp

Connect Construction were a recruitment agency focusing on the construction industry. They chose Carden Digital to design and launch their re-branding as Connect Grp, which necessitated the designing of five new logos to highlight the different sectors of their new business.

Our graphic designers also worked to create branded email signatures to add a level of unified brand identity to all of their communications. At the same time, our web developers got to work building their new site.

Whereas their previous site had been very simple and light on content or functionality, the new one was to be more interactive, user-friendly and have a job board pulling in live information from an RSS feed, so that they would no longer need to manually post each job to the site.

We also provided written content for both the new website and their accompanying brochure, keeping a consistent tone throughout and giving an easy-to-understand overview of Connect Grp’s services.

Connect Grp’s new website presents a professional and easy-to-use point of contact for both their recruitment candidates and the businesses they serve. See it for yourself here.


14 May 2021


Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Development