How SEO Consultants Help Your Website Succeed  

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How SEO Consultants Help Your Website Succeed  

You’ve probably heard a lot about search engine optimisation (SEO), but you might still be wondering “what does a professional SEO company actually do?”. In this article, we’re going to explain how our search engine optimisation consultants approach client websites at Carden Digital. 

Obviously, every website and every business is different, but there are a few factors which generally set an SEO-friendly website apart from one that will be passed over by search engines. The following are techniques our SEO consultants use to help our clients’ websites improve their ranking in search results. 

We Check Your Site For Errors  
Search engines like Google prefer websites which are free from errors and easy to navigate. As part of our SEO audit, our team will scan your website and manually examine any flagged errors to determine their cause. We can then hand this over to our web developers to fix. When we say errors, we mean technical errors in the website’s code. The errors which search engines hate the most are broken links.  

Fixing these technical issues with your site is known as technical SEO. 

We Conduct Thorough Keyword Research  
Your company’s name isn’t the only thing you should be trying to rank #1 for. It’s much harder to own the #1 spot for your whole industry niche. Through our extensive keyword research, we can identify multiple keywords and search terms you should be trying to rank for. 

Our keyword research also helps identify “long tail keywords” which are longer, more structured questions or phrases that often have lower competition and are therefore easier to rank highly for. For example, a double-glazing installer would want to rank highly for “double glazing installers near me” but would also benefit from targeting long tail search terms like “how to stop drafts from my window” and “ways to make my house more energy efficient”.  

Our SEO specialists’ keyword research makes use of the latest online tools but also involves both critical and lateral thinking to find the keywords your competitors haven’t thought of yet. This keyword research informs the changes we may suggest to your on-page content as well as future blogs. 

We Monitor Real User Behaviour On Your Website  
We use tracking tools to gain an accurate picture of how users are behaving on your website. Search engines penalise websites with a high “bounce rate”, meaning sites where users leave almost immediately after they arrive. By examining user behaviour on your site, we can identify “pain points” which are causing users to leave.  

This process goes far beyond studying the standard Google Analytics page stats. We use tracking tools that let us see real-time video of how users are interacting with your site. Often, users will interact with your site in a way that is very surprising or counterintuitive. They may miss links which you think are obvious or click on non-interactive page elements which they are expecting to be links. 

This monitoring process informs web-design decisions and also helps to understand and improve your customers’ experience while on your website. User experience is a key factor used by search engine algorithms. 

We Create Compelling, Relevant Content Marketing Campaigns 
In search engine optimisation, content is king. Search engines favour websites which regularly publish original, relevant and informative information. Blogs are a fantastic way to keep your website updated with new content. 

Publishing high-quality blogs over the long term is also a great way of demonstrating your website’s “authority” to search engines. Authority, in the context of SEO, is a metric representing the age and trustworthiness of the information on a website. Over time, your blogs will help to demonstrate your trustworthiness on your market niche. 

With a little input from you, and with the help of our detailed keyword research, our team of content writers can create informative and original blogs which are related to your business and publish them on your site on a regular schedule. 

As part of a link building strategy, our online marketers can also find relevant third-party sites to publish guest posts which then link back to your website. These backlinks can also help signal your “authority” to Google.  

We Improve Your Site Speed  
Site speed is one of the major ranking factors for search engines. Therefore, slow or unresponsive websites rarely rank in the #1 position. Our web developers will endeavour to improve your website’s speed as much as possible. 

Compressing images, updating plugins and removing unused files from your website can all have an impact. Moving your website to a faster hosting platform can also help. Luckily, we offer our clients affordable, high-speed web hosting.  

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what professional SEO services can do for your business. Carden Digital has a team of search engine consultants who are primed to help your business succeed in organic search with a bespoke SEO campaign. Speak to our team to learn more, book your free SEO site audit and start boosting your search engine ranking today. 

Dave King

Dave King

Dave King is the Co-Founder and Director of Carden Digital and the wider Carden IT Group. Dave’s background is in IT services, but he has experience across the online space. His love of all things digital lead him to create a digital marketing branch of the business, with a focus on paid advertising, SEO, web development, social media, graphic design and content writing.