How Professional Graphic Design Helps Set Your Company Apart

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How Professional Graphic Design Helps Set Your Company Apart

At Carden Digital, we have helped businesses of all sizes to unify their brand identity through our professional graphic design services. When setting up a company, graphic design is often overlooked, but good graphic design can really help a business stand out from the competition. 

The way we communicate a concept to an audience is via design. The greatest graphic design conveys a concept, mood, or brand in a clear and concise manner which is instantly recognisable. 

Consistency is key to creating a recognisable brand identity, and so if you are using the same font, colour scheme, and art across all your assets, it’s important to choose one that resonates with your target market. 

Carden Digital’s graphic design services may be utilised for anything from a new business card design to a full re-branding that could include designs for stationery, uniforms, vehicle decals, or billboard advertisements. 

Whatever you require, our graphic design team will collaborate with you to make your vision a reality. Some clients come to us with a fully-fledged design that only needs to be tweaked and scaled to fit various media, while others come to us with a basic sketch or idea and work with us to turn it into a comprehensive design. 
What Does Our Graphic Design for Businesses Include?

When people think of graphic design for businesses, they normally think of logo design. While this is an important part of our service, there is a lot more to graphic design for businesses than just logos. 

A comprehensive graphic design service includes creating a cohesive brand identity for a company, which includes… 

  • Brand Guidelines 
    A set of rules for how to apply your branding elements are known as brand guidelines. These rules can be utilised by future designers, or anybody within your company who creates marketing materials using your brand’s assets, such as your logo. The rules are delivered in the form of a PDF that explains how your branding works and how its various aspects interact to produce your overall brand identity.  
    Brand guidelines help you stay consistent across different media, whether you are designing a website, having business cards printed, drawing up posters, or ordering uniforms. Your brand guidelines will cover the font, colour scheme, and other visual elements of your branding, as well as examples of all of these in different use cases. Using these guidelines, anyone can create consistent designs that feel part of your cohesive brand identity. 

  • Colour Schemes 
    One of the first things we consider when undertaking graphic design for a business is the colour scheme. This will apply to every part of the client’s overall design language, so it is important to find a combination of colours that suit the image the business wishes to portray. For example, colours like bright red are attention grabbing and dramatic, but less friendly and welcoming than softer pastel colours like lilac. We discuss the image our clients wish to convey before beginning any design work and find a colour palette that they feel will resonate with their target customer base. 
  • Logo Designs 
    Many businesses already have a logo which they like. But a problem arises when the time comes for them to scale their business. A logo which they drew themselves or built out of clip art might have looked good in an email signature or a letterhead but may look blurry and unprofessional when they need to fix a large decal of it on to the side of a truck of print it on a uniform. At Carden Digital, using the colour scheme we have devised for your business, we create clean, modern, vector-based logos which will look great at any scale, whether on a business card or a billboard!

  • Email Signatures 
    Email is a vital part of client communication for almost every modern business. Having a consistent, professional email signature not only reinforces your brand identity, but it also gives your customers confidence that the email has truly come from your company and is not spam. 

    Graphic email signatures will instantly make any email stand out from the competition. If you imagine a scenario where a potential customer has requested a quote from three different businesses, and two of those businesses have emailed back identical quotes. The business with the professional email signature will generally appear more professional and trustworthy than the business without one.

  • Business Cards 
    Professionally designed business cards make a great first impression on potential clients. Our designers will work with you to find the font, colour and overall design that matches the brand image you want to show to the world. 

These are just a selection of the graphic design services that Carden Digital offers. If you have a specific graphic design task that you need help with that you do not see listed above, feel free to give our team a call to discuss it further. You can learn more about our graphic design services and see examples of our graphic design work here. 

Dave King

Dave King

Dave King is the Co-Founder and Director of Carden Digital and the wider Carden IT Group. Dave’s background is in IT services, but he has experience across the online space. His love of all things digital lead him to create a digital marketing branch of the business, with a focus on paid advertising, SEO, web development, social media, graphic design and content writing.