Cobb Electrical

Cobb Electrical

Cobb Electrical are an electrician based in Brighton. Over the past two years we have worked with Cobb on a variety of projects. These included building them a new website to replace their previous one which had been static, had no interactive elements and was not optimised for mobile. As part of this website re-design, we also re-designed their company logo for them. Giving them a clean, modern looking logo, which would look great at any scale – from a small business cards, to a huge decal on the side of a van.

Following the creation of their new website, we also created service-specific landing pages for their most popular services and have been directing paid search traffic to these. This helps to improve the conversion rates of their PPC ad campaigns, which we manage.

Simultaneously, our social media services have breathed a fun and engaging tone into what could otherwise be a fairly generic subject matter. Even if you have a business that doesn’t seem an obvious fit for social content, our team will build you up an active social media presence which can help raise brand recognition, engage new and existing customers, and promote highlighted services.

See Cobb’s new website here.


3 May 2021


Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Paid Advertising, Social Media, Website Development