Carden IT Services

Carden IT Services

In addition to helping our clients with their digital marketing endeavours, we also help our sister companies in the wider Carden IT Group. Carden IT Services is the largest of these and the one with the largest digital presence. Recently, we have completely re-built their website from the ground up. We started by taking the colour scheme of their logo and expanding it into a fully realised design language which would inform the overall design of the new site. We are currently rolling out this new style of website to the other brands in the Carden IT Group.

After their new website was built, we began to overhaul their social media, thinking seriously about who the content was actually for and what sort of content would most engage that audience. Without proper thought, corporate social media can become repetitive and dull, and we want to avoid this at all costs. We began crafting friendly, engaging and unique content for their social channels and scheduled it for the times of day that our target audience would be most likely to be online.

We have also been increasing traffic to the new website through a combination of PPC campaigns, off-page SEO backlinks and detailed, informative on-site blogs about new products and services, company news and commonly google IT support queries.

See the new website for yourself here.


5 May 2021


Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Paid Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Website Development