DSE+ was founded recently to provide health and safety assessments for all workplaces, but with a particular focus on providing assessments for those working from home.

Due to the recent lockdown and spike in home working, this project was particularly time-sensitive, as the first provider to offer home working safety assessments would surely have an edge on the competition.

Following an initial discussion with DSE+ about their services, target markets and goals, we started working on their branding immediately. To reduce the turnaround, our developers, graphic designers and contact writers worked in tandem to translate these discussions into a fully-fledged website with a new logo and brand identity.

With a short turnaround, we were able to build a cohesive site which demonstrates to potential customers the benefits of DSE+’s services and the risks of not using them. Our writers turned the notes from our discussions and the rough outlines given by the client into several pages of content detailing their services and industry purpose.

DSE+ is an example of how quickly we can help bring an idea to market if the client has an achievable goal. See the results for yourself here.


2 May 2021


Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Development