TrekCo – The Trekking Company

TrekCo – The Trekking Company

TrekCo are an outdoor activities provider specialising in rock climbing, kayaking, and other fun adventures for young people across the UK. They have partnerships with several schools who plan trips and assessments with them. They also provide Duke Of Edinburgh Award expeditions, which is an important graded activity for those enrolled on the DofE award scheme.

After initially contacting us about some minor website alterations, they have continued to work with us ever since. We have taken over their PPC campaigns, focusing on sign-ups for the DofE Gold Expedition which they run throughout the year. As is often the case with a business which offers a range of services, but is focusing their PPC campaign on a single service, this campaign necessitated the building of a dedicated landing page. This provides a one-page interactive advert for their chosen product with upcoming dates, testimonials, FAQs and a form to download a brochure with more information. Landing pages like these keep the audience’s attention on the service being advertised and help keep PPC costs low by ensuring the page has a high ‘quality score’ under Google’s algorithm.

You can see an example of our landing pages here.


9 May 2021


Content Marketing, Paid Advertising