Sussex Driveways

Sussex Driveways

Sussex Driveways are driveway resurfacing experts covering the entire Sussex area. We have helped Sussex Driveways improve the search optimisation of their site. We segmented their ‘Driveways’ page into separate pages for each design, with correctly tagged images, informative and keyword-rich content and an FAQ section covering the most Googled questions about that service.

This has helped to boost the authority of their website, led to an increase in search ranking and therefore organic search traffic.

At the same time, we have been directing paid ad traffic to their site through our PPC expertise. Taking over from their previous PPC agency, we have been utilising the newly created pages as landing pages, creating separate ad groups for each driveway material they offer (e.g. tarmac, gravel, concrete). This has resulted is an increase in both the quantity and the quality of the PPC leads they are receiving.

See their newly improved and expanded website here.


27 April 2021


Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation