Insurance Claim Solutions

Insurance Claim Solutions

ICS are an insurance loss assessor based in Brighton, they help insurance claimants to prepare and defend their insurance claims against insurance company’s loss adjusters – taking the stress out of insurance claims.

We have helped Insurance Claim Solutions improve their website traffic with our SEO services and gain more high-quality leads through our PPC campaigns.

For their PPC campaign, we built out separate landing pages for each of the insurance types that ICS can assist with (fire, flood, commercial, etc). Having these hyper-focussed landing pages, combined with various PPC ad groups segmented by keyword, helps to keep the cost-per-click down as Google will provide a discount if its algorithms detect that your ad is sending the user to a page which is highly relevant to their search term.

We have also worked to increase organic traffic to their website by expanding and refining the on-page content. This included increasing the EAT score of the site with more FAQs, trusted reviews and adding more keywords into the existing text. We have also worked on increasing the number of relevant backlinks to the ICS site from trusted sources within the insurance industry to boost the site’s domain authority.

Learn more about ICS’ loss assessor services here.


7 May 2021


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