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WordPress Website Design

With an estimated 35% of all websites online utilising WordPress, it is without a doubt the most popular platform for web development.

Highly customisable and with thousands of user-friendly plugins and add-ons WordPress can be used to create almost any kind of site. Though a favourite of amateurs and first-time web developers, its versatility, cross-compatibility and the ease with which it can be updated mean it is also used by some of the biggest organisations such as Time Magazine, BBC America, The New Yorker Magazine, AMC and TED.

At Carden Digital we’re launching professional and fast WordPress sites almost every week. Some of the reasons we love working with WordPress are...

Quick Turnaround

Our developers are well-versed in the intricacies of WordPress and can usually offer a very quick turnaround, so your business gets the website it needs, on time and on budget.


WordPress has been around almost as long as Google and has several features baked-in that help optimise its sites for all major search engines.

Page Speed

WordPress sites are some of the quickest on the web in terms of page load speed. A faster website means a better user experience and a better ranking on Google.


E-Commerce integration through leading platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify allows for hassle-free implementation of online stores, subscription services or bookings.

Highly Scalable

Organisations with multiple sites can easily roll out a template to each site with a couple of clicks. For instance, a hotel chain with multiple premises can have a master website developed as a template and then implement it on each of their premises’ sites.