Carden Digital - Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Gather hot leads, increase your ad campaign conversions and make a great first impression on your next customer!

A landing page is a single web page where the visitor “lands” – usually from a paid ad. They are designed around a single objective known as a “conversion”.

This conversion might be getting the visitor to sign up to a mailing list, request a quote, make a booking, call a phone number or any other simple action to convert the page’s visitor into a lead.

At Carden Digital we can help to design a bold, eye-catching Landing Page to help you gather leads. Every landing page is unique and designed specifically for your business while always following the principle of good landing page design, backed by established psychological models around persuasion and customer behaviour.

Customer Analytics

All our landing pages can be tracked so you always know how many visitors saw it and what percentage of them converted to leads.

Clean and Concise

Landing pages make a great first impression on your next customer and are an ideal option for businesses without the budget or scale for a full website.

Boost Conversions

Using landing pages can significantly improve your conversion rate, with some landing pages converting at 3 times the rate of a traditional website.


The businesses that get the best results from landing pages use more than one. By building a page for each of your marketing campaigns you can target them to each individual customer profile.

Landing pages work best when used in conjunction with our Google Ads and Facebook Ads services.