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7 reasons you need SEO

1. Websites That Rank First Win The Clicks

Almost 40% of all clicks on Google Search go to the top three organic results.

2. Most Website Traffic Comes From Organic Search

Though there are many benefits to having a great paid ads campaign on Google, most sites’ traffic still comes from organic search.

3. Users Trust Higher Ranking Sites More

Most users trust Google, and if Google trusts your site enough to put it near the top of its search results your users instantly find your site more trustworthy.

4. Local SEO Means More Awareness And Footfall

Approximately 30% of Google searches have some form of local intent (i.e. “cafes near me”), so optimising your website and Google My Business listing for local search means users searching for you could be through your door in minutes.

5. SEO Best Practices Change Regularly

Although Google publishes guides on best practices for websites the exact details of its ranking algorithm are secret and change regularly. Subsequently, much of what made for great SEO in 2017 may be useless or even counterproductive by 2020. For this reason, it’s a good idea to regularly audit your site’s SEO.

6. SEO is Quantifiable

All the changes in your site’s ranking are meticulously tracked so you can see your site’s improvement relative to your competitors’ sites placement for those same keywords.

7. Keyword Research Tells You What Your Customers Really Want

Thorough keyword research can tell you the “long tail” keyphrases that customers are actually searching and lets you adjust your site’s content and business offerings accordingly.