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We help brands grow using smart, data-driven digital marketing techniques. Carden Digital use numerous enterprise-grade tools to analyse and report on. If you’re not monitoring your success, how do you know if you’re successful? We use a wide array of analytics tools to monitor and report on how successful our marketing efforts have been.

Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics is available to everyone, but all the data contained can be overwhelming. Every project starts with an in-depth discussion about what success would mean for our client. Is it more website visitors? Is it more conversions? Is it more physical footfall? More phone site. This can be identified and remedied.  


We’ll also make informed suggestions on how small improvements to your site could make huge difference to your user’s experience (UX), leading to greater conversion rates and improved ROI. You focus on delivering a great service for your customers and we’ll help you find new ones.


SEO Reporting

As one of the top SEO consultancies in Brighton, we provide a solid return on investment (ROI). We provide genuine results from all our digital marketing services (PPC & SEO). Converting website visitors and google search users into paying customers.

Keyword Search Rankings 

Accurately track your position in the Google SERP for all your chosen keywords and phrases. See historic data and trends to track improvement and see a single figure representing your “visibility” (a metric calculated off your search ranking for all your keywords combined).


Backlink Reporting 

Our reporting tracks all your sites backlinks. See backlinks gained and lost over time as well as a detailed analysis of the quality of each backlink. 


We can track all your link building campaigns. Through both aggregate and individual backlink reports you can discover new and lost links, use trust metrics to see the quality of each backlink and flag potentially “toxic” links before they have the chance to cause lasting damage to your search rankings.


SEO Site Audit/ Health Report 

This is provided as standard before we undertake any SEO work, but you can request one separately. A site audit will flag backend technical errors in site structure, code or meta tags which may be causing harm to your ranking.


Competitor Analysis

Many businesses think they know who their biggest competitors are, but the results of a dedicated competitor analysis may surprise them. Your biggest brick and mortar competitors are not always your strongest challengers online. 


By analysing your search ranking for 

your business niche’s keywords and comparing those to your competitors we can quickly identify opportunities and weaknesses that will let you beat your rivals to the no. 1 spot.

Top Website Pages

By linking your site to Google Search Console (GSC) you can gain deeper insights into the customer journey. View individual rankings for every page as well as seeing how much traffic they drive to other parts of your site. 


This information can be ideal for mapping out and optimising your online sales funnel. Then tweak content, streamline processes and remove pain points to smooth the transition from user to customer.