Carden Digital - Facebook Ads

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook’s ads appear both in and alongside the main news feed and in Instagram feeds and stories (as Instagram is owned by Facebook). 

Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram offer businesses the ability to display their adverts to extremely niche target audiences. It can be difficult to get across just how targeted these ads can be but for instance, if your ideal customer is a small business owner, female, living in Eastbourne but grew up in a different city, likes cooking, The Green Party and cycling to work - then Facebook will make sure that only users who match these criteria will have the ad displayed to them. Facebook’s ad platform can also create “lookalike audiences”, whereby a list of your existing customers is used to match potential customers which share characteristics with them.

By installing Facebook’s “Facebook Pixel” tracking code on your website, your adverts can be “remarketed”. This means that if a customer looked at, for example, a pair of shoes on your online store, added them to their shopping cart but never checked out – an advert featuring those shoes can be displayed to them at a later date on Facebook.  


How We Can Help

After discussing the goals of your Facebook/Instagram ads, we will build an initial ad campaign to target the users we believe will garner the best results. This campaign will be constantly monitored and adjusted, focusing in on the users that are giving you the best ROI and excluding those that are leading to wasted spend. We will also conduct A/B testing where different ads are displayed to different users to identify the optimum content for your ads.  

You will be sent both weekly and monthly reports on the success of your campaign, allowing you to see exactly how much you are spending and the conversion rate. The spend for Facebook ads is highly customisable and campaigns can be started and paused depending on when they are needed/can be budgeted for. Paid Facebook ads often cost significantly less per click than paid Google ads so are well suited to businesses with a smaller advertising budget.