Carden Digital - Client Testimonials

Gym Owner , Brighton

“I know Social Media is really important for my business but personally I don’t like using it and so am unfamiliar with what does or doesn’t make good content. It’s been a relief to be able to hand over a time-consuming part of my marketing to Carden, so I can focus on the parts of my business I really enjoy”
Man Running On A Treadmill
Retail Business Owner Smiling

Retail Business Owner , Brighton

“Our website had slipped from consistently being around number three or four on Google searches to rarely showing on the first page at all. This was seriously affecting our ability to reach new customers. Carden helped to identify multiple coding and design errors that were keeping us from being ranked higher. Now we’re back on page one!”

Construction Company , Sussex

“Despite having grown from a one-man band to a team of over 40, we were still using the same clip art logo I’d made back in 2009. The team from Carden Digital listened and really took an interest in our company’s goals, creating a bold and modern looking logo for us. I’m no longer ashamed when I hand someone a business card.” 
Construction Worker Cutting Wood
Lawyer Talking To His Client

Law Office , Kent

“My old website looked exactly like what it was; something made on a shoestring budget, over a decade ago, by someone with no programming knowledge. Now I have a clean, professional looking site which I can easily change or update myself - without having to learn any coding!”

Insurance Company , Brighton

“Previously, I was wasting nearly £800 per month on Google Ads and getting no results. Carden Digital helped to reduce my ad spend by half and increase both the quantity and quality of traffic to my site – all while freeing up hours of my time that was being spent trying to get to grips with Google’s Ad manager”
Insurance Company Talking With Client
Woman Cleaning A House

Cleaning Company , Hove

“Like a lot of start-up founders, I run a small business from home and do almost everything through my mobile – but putting a mobile number on flyers or adverts always looked sloppy to me. Now I have an 0808 number the calls still go through to my mobile but as far as the caller knows it could be an office of 200.” 

Physiotherapy Clinic , Sussex

“I set up a blog on my website over three years ago but only ever got around to writing a single post. Now I get a new 400-word blog in my inbox at the end of the week. This has really helped to bulk out the content on my site and is far better than anything I would have written – even if I did have the time!” 
Physiotherapist Working On His Client