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Angmering Village Greens (AVG) are a fresh fruit and veg delivery service based in Angmering, West Sussex.

When they first approached us, they had grown their company from a part-time hobby to a full-time business but were struggling with scaling their operation any further.

The demand for their produce was increasing but their capacity to take more orders was limited, as they were still taking almost all their orders over the phone which left them with limited time to complete any additional deliveries.  

Though they got a fair amount of business from word-of-mouth recommendations, they were unsure of where to start with taking their business online. Over the next month, we helped them to transition to a fully online store. How did we do it?

Building Them A New Website (

Using WordPress, we built them a fast, modern website that could compete against the larger fresh produce companies. We helped them to choose a theme that fit with their brand identity and customised it to fit the requirements of an online store.

  • Our graphic design team selected the best images of their produce and optimised the photos to stand out while being small enough to not slow down the website.

  • Our developers configured all the required plugins and set up an online store.

  • Our SEO team provided content and site structure suggestions.

  • Our content writers worked with AVG to create informative, SEO-friendly piece of content for blogs that were relevant to their customers’ interests and added value to their services by providing nutritional data, health data and recipes for the produce they supply.

Setting Up an Online Orders System

Using WooCommerce we helped Angmering Village Greens to set up an online ordering system complete with email invoicing and detailed customer records. We also automated the discounts, sales and special offers which had previously been applied to orders individually.

Their new store’s invoices link directly to AVG’s QuickBooks account, automatically pulling in data on each transaction as it happens. This significantly reduces the amount of accounting admin as they no longer need to manually transfer orders onto their books.

We also provided training on WooCommerce so that AVG would feel confident in making additions and adjustments to their online store in future. As part of this training we also taught them how to use the latest WooCommerce mobile apps so they can check and manage their orders on the go.

Optimising Their Google My Business Profile

The first step in any successful local SEO campaign is optimising the Google My Business profile.

Having an up to date, accurate GMB profile improves a business’s ranking in local search and provides potential customers with information about a company directly from the search results page.

We helped AVG to claim their Google My Business profile, update their information, upload photos of their beautifully prepared veg boxes and added product links so that customers can click through directly to their site’s orders page.

Increasing Their Search Ranking With Local SEO

The top 3 positions on any Google Search results page get 75% of the clicks, so it’s important to rank your website as high as possible for as many relevant searches as you can.

  • We conducted detailed keyword research and an SEO audit aimed at both their national and local competitors.

  • We then studied the information gathered and focussed on increasing Angmering Village Greens’ search ranking for relevant searches like “fresh fruit near me” and “local produce delivery”.

  • Through a combination of high-quality content, responsive web design and Google My Business optimisation we achieved big gains in their search rankings, and they are improving each month as their site continues to gain Domain Authority.

Thanks to Carden Digital’s efforts, Angmering Village Greens has been able to drastically increase the amount of orders they handle while also freeing up their time as many of their invoicing and order processes have now been automated.

They no longer spend hours on the phone each day and the extra time has allowed them to expand their delivery area’s radius and continue to scale their business.

Their customers have benefitted too! The ordering process is streamlined and now that calling AVG up in person is no longer necessary, orders can be done at any time of day from any device. They can even reorder their previous basket with a single click.

Are you a business looking to reach more customers and simplify the process your ordering process? Or maybe you’re looking to take your business online for the first time. Speak to Carden Digital today to find out how our team can help!

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