Carden Digital Marketing Team

About Us

About Us

Carden Digital is a part of Carden IT Group, an IT powerhouse with offices in Sussex, London and New York.

As part of Carden IT Group’s ever-expanding worldview, we are now proud to add Digital Marketing to our service offering. Digital Marketing leverages marketing channels that are accessible from digital devices, for example a computer, laptop or mobile. You have probably already been utilising at least one Digital Marketing channel for years - your website! But in recent years things have changed. The rising prominence of social media, the explosive growth of Google, and the death of The Yellow Pages means digital is more important than ever, and a website alone is no longer enough.

Carden's Digital Marketing department offers services related to websites, social media, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We work constantly in the background, tweaking our operations to optimise results and ROI. All the results of these services are 100% trackable, using advanced software and data analytics. This enables us, and you, to see the success of our services and techniques in real time. Our fees start low and grow as your business grows, so our success is tied to your success.

We're committed to turning your business into a brand.